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Private Cooking Classes


Would you like to master a new technique in the kitchen such as making perfect pies from scratch or handmade pasta?  Or perhaps you would love to learn how to use your five senses to cook intuitively so that you can go to the farmers market, pick out the best seasonal ingredients and whip up a tasty meal without a recipe?  Custom cooking classes are designed to teach whatever skills you would like to learn in the comfort of your home.  These classes are great for individuals or groups of up to ten people.  Classes can be tailored for adults or curious children who are eager to learn how to cook--perfect for a kid's birthday party!  Please check out my "About" page for some sample cooking class themes.    

Delicious Dinner Parties


Why not hire me to cook for your next dinner party so that you can actually enjoy it with your guests instead of stressing out in the kitchen?  Every dinner party is unique and each menu is personalized so you can enjoy your favorite foods.  I will do all of the shopping and prepare the food in your kitchen.  Maybe your perfect evening would be an intimate, multi-course, plated dinner complete with wine pairings?  Or perhaps you are having a more casual gathering where you would like to have gorgeous platters set out family style?  Either way, you should be enjoying your evening with your guests and not stuck in the kitchen doing all of the work.   Please contact me today so we can discuss some different menu ideas.  

Special Events


Do you need help hosting your next special event?  Whether you are planning a relaxed, family gathering or a more formal business event, I can help make it an unforgettable occasion.  Contact me to cook for your next special event including: Birthday parties for all ages, Cocktail parties, Family style/buffet dinners, Hands-on private cooking classes, Holiday parties, Sunday brunches, Baby showers, Wine Tastings, Corporate team building events, Cooking demonstrations--you name it!  If you need delicious food prepared with the finest ingredients, please contact me for a personalized proposal.  Together, we can create a menu that all of your guests will enjoy at your next special event.  

Meal Preparation Services


Wouldn't it be nice to come home to a fridge filled with delicious prepared meals for the busy week ahead?  Weekly meal plans are created just for you so that you can eat the kinds of food that are best for your and your family's food preferences and any dietary restrictions.  Meals are prepared to follow your unique dietary desires and much care is taken to accomodate all food allergies or intolerances.  If you are struggling to eat healthier, weekly meal services are a game changer.  Services can also be provided on a bi-weekly or on an as needed basis to stock your fridge or freezer with yummy, home-cooked meals (such as before out-of-town guests arrive so you can spend quality time with them instead of worrying about dinner).

Recipe Writing Services


If you're like me, some of your favorite food memories are from your childhood.  Summer backyard picnics were filled with fried chicken, potato salad, mac & cheese and my grandma's freshly baked cookies.  I'm so grateful that I inherited all of her dog-eared cookbooks and overflowing recipe boxes. Unfortunately, many of the recipes leave a lot to be desired in terms of details and instructions though.  If you need help making sense of and filling in any culinary blanks in your family recipes, please contact me for a proposal.  I may be able to help fill in the unwritten details that grandma just knew in her culinary soul but forgot to write down.  Recipes can be organized in a beautiful cookbook and cherished for generations to come.  



Over the years, I have created, tested and perfected hundreds of recipes.  I enjoy teaching people how to cook and sharing my recipes because I believe cooking is one of the best ways we can make better food choices for ourselves and for the planet.  Cooking brings people together.  Whether you are just starting out in the kitchen or are mastering advanced cooking techniques, I would love to be a part of your culinary journey.  I am sharing some of my favorite recipes on the blog page of this website.  To receive my latest recipes, please subscribe to my email list so that you never miss a post.    If there is a recipe or a cooking skill that you would like to learn, please send me a message.  I would love to get your feedback.  Happy Cooking!


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